" i love the size of my body when it’s full of yours. "

yesterday was lovely. via.

" laughter is the evidence that we’re still here, the proof that our tragedies will not define us forever. laughter is the language of the survivor. "
josh riebock
" bodies are less like temples and more like biographies. they carry all the broken hearts, false hopes, and cobwebs neatly mapped in your veins and tendons. a whole history tucked away in the spaces in between your ribs and collarbones. "
annalise gill

this morning, after finishing chores, i descended our entry to take out the rubbish. cool soil and dewy grass, both sprinkled heavily with cherry blossoms, passed beneath my bare feet. now, here in my bath, among the bits of dirt from my errand, are cherry petals. they are pale pink tinged with antique yellow and bob serenely with my small movements.

it is likely that today will be uneventful. odds are, were i to relay what it entailed, my poor listener would feel cheated of their time. despite this, i will do my best to remember it. i will try to remember the way we woke to sunlight…the way you were the little spoon. the way soft sheets can’t compete with the small hairs on your skin. the way you cradled my head as you came, silently asking for what is already yours.

today, i’ve petals in my bath water and your smile in my veins.